I make lo-fi, alt, prog metal. And animations.



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Posted by BALDORF - March 17th, 2019


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Posted by BALDORF - February 22nd, 2019

Well, all my old songs are on here now! Hooray!

However, this does means uploads will be less frequent. I'll put up some stuff I'm currently working on, but it's all conceptual and subject to change.

Anyways, see you guys around! Enjoy the tunes!

Posted by BALDORF - February 14th, 2019

Why do I find so many ear rape tracks and low effort trolls in the Heavy Metal section?

Posted by BALDORF - February 10th, 2019

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks to the few who have followed! Also thanks to those who have downloaded or favorited my music, it means a lot!

Also a quick reminder; I'm still dropping old tracks, once those are all up I won't be uploading on a daily basis. Just trying to get it all here. I'm in the works of a larger project, no idea how long it'll take. So, that's it...

Hope ya keep enjoying!

See ya around!

Posted by BALDORF - February 3rd, 2019

I got scouted! Hooray!
To celebrate the occasion I have technofied a song I was working on. I know how you guys like your techno here, so, there you have it! It'll be a special Newgrounds only song!

See ya around! Enjoy the tunes!

Posted by BALDORF - January 4th, 2019

So, for now I am just dumping old tracks on here when I get the chance.

But, I am currently working on a sort of soundtrack. I'm not sure how long it will take, so please be patient!
If you want to hear any of that stuff, head to my youtube channel, 'cause I'm not going to post the little 30 second previews and clips on all my media platforms. However, if I finish something I might post it.
For now, I hope you enjoy what I've already made!

Anyways, have a nice day, see ya around!

Posted by BALDORF - December 31st, 2018

Happy New Years everyone! 


Posted by BALDORF - December 29th, 2018

A preview of what I'm currently working on!


Not gonna bother uploading it here.

Posted by BALDORF - December 14th, 2018

Well I suppose I should make a post.

I am a self taught musician. I was a metal vocalist in a garage band for about 2 years, played 2 live gigs, but that fell through, unfortunately. I played guitar on and off for a few years during and after, but never really got that good. I love metal and wanted to make music since getting into it. I finally got FL Studios in July of 2018, so now I can make the music I love! I'm self taught in that as well, I've watched a few vids here and there, but for the most part I am figuring out everything on my own. Still getting the hang of it and barely know what I'm doing, but at least I can make music I enjoy!

So there's a bit about me.

I hope you enjoy my tunes as well!
See ya around!