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Posted by BALDORF - August 16th, 2021

Gotta say, I feel like being musically creative and trying new things is highly discouraged here.

I don't expect people to really get what I do, but man, it seems like no one even tries. The things I've been judged for seem so surface level. Feels like no one really listened. No details were acknowledged. The only real criticism I get is my mixing. Which yeah, not good at that stuff. Sorry I'm not a master mixer... fuck sake, not everyone is good at every aspect of music. Which is, of course, never considered. Because why would you ask?

Apparently because I have a few followers, that probably barely pay attention to anything I do, I am considered a "professional amateur"? LOL! I'm so far from any kind of professional it baffles my mind to think anyone consider me as such. I basically have no idea what I'm doing outside of arranging notes. And I really don't care to learn anything about it. I'm fine with people thinking my mix isn't the best. Hopefully one day I can get someone to mix for me, since I suck at it.

But to discredit my work as random and unstructured is a fucking punch to the gut, as I craft 99% of my songs note by note. Nothing is random. I just try to be creative, express myself and try to make interesting and different riffs. But apparently I do it wrong or something. Whatever.

Thanks to those who have supported me, as little as it might be. I'm not really good at social things, especially on the internet, so my feelings about all of it are pretty weird, but I do appreciate what support you've given.

I don't know how active I'll continue to be, but I'll leave my channel here regardless of what happens just for those of you who do like what I do.


I think you”re music is pretty cool, and I don’t really criticize anything since I know jackshit about music. If you can make music, you’re good in my book.

Thanks, it's nice to know some people are enjoying it.